Utilising years of experience designing Custom Shipping Frames allows to tackle challenging Building Frame Steelwork Design


Designed in 2020
7m (W) x 7m (D) x 3.5m (H) x 17⁰ pitch, fully open span structure
135kg/m2 roof loading, 1250kg steelwork

Owing to the 2019 downturn in our main sales industry (Oil & Gas), we diversified into Small Building Frame Steelwork Design where we could draw upon our extensive experience with steel Shipping Frames.

We work to regular industry codes just like other Building Frame engineers. What differentiates us is that we have years of experience with mechanical design; and
is that we own & run high-end analysis software; this enables us to engineer challenging structures such as those with cantilever overhangs or large unsupported spans.

We prefer to work with challenging structures rather than more regular designs, but being a small company we are also more than happy to design your garden workshop for you. Get in touch if you have a vision that you want to discuss.