Statistical Tolerance Analysis & Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Make statistical methods easier to implement into your designs, without fancy software or literature heavy (dry) training

The simplified statistical assessment methodology we have developed is easy to apply. It can help to increase individual tolerances on your parts by a significant margin. This allows you to reduce manufacturing costs with no tangible impact on completed assembly quality.

We can also run short training courses for you; where we break down the complexity of applying statistics into the design & manufacture process. Typical objectives in such courses are as follows:

  • Provide an understanding of statistical tolerancing principals
  • Provide tools for easy application using actual data or typical manufacturing parameters
  • Show how to record manufacturing data focused on supporting statistical tolerancing
  • Demonstrate manufacturing process monitoring and control using manufacturing data

Get in touch with us and we can discuss your requirements. Perhaps you want a worked example showing the benefit of our approach. Maybe you want a quick assessment from some of your own drawings so that you can evaluate potential savings before engaging our services.

Skewed extract of statistical tolerance analysis & SPC

Skewed extract of statistical tolerance analysis & SPC